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Don’t Let The Ryhthm
                                                         Get You!

                                                   Keep The Tempo
                                                         With An

                                                Extra 5% Discount off
                                                 Wittner Metronomes
                                                     BELL KITS

                     • 32-note aluminum satin finish     • 2.5+ octaves satin aluminum finish
                          bells                                bells + 3½”x14” snare drum
                     • 8” tunable pad                    • 8” tunable pad          • 32-note bells (F5-C8)
                     • Bitch shaft mallets, drumsticks,   • SD1 general mallets: ⅞ ball,   • 8” drum practice pad
                          detachable music rack                birch shaft
                                                                                   • Double sided mallets
                     • Rugged heavy duty extended        • Full padded nylon mounted on ABS
                          height stand                         frame w/ wheels and retractable  • Stand is adjustable from
                                                               handle                    25” - 38”
                     • Traveler bag w/ wheels and
                          retractable handle             • Stand - Adjustable to concert hgt  • Carrying Case w/ backpack
                                                                                         straps, side & top handles
                     8676..........Special Net $200.00   V7806.........Special Net  $341.96        and wheels
                                                                                   BSK2500......Special Net  $114.21

                                                                                           Fundamental Educational
      VFEP1 --- Vic Firth BSB stick bag equipped                                               Elementary Pack
                    with an SD1, M5 and M14.                                                contains F8, F10, IP-LD, SB-3
      VFEP2 --- Vic Firth BSB stick bag equipped  VFEP2                                    Fundamental Educational
                                                                                               Intermediate Pack
                    with an SD1, SD2, M3, M6 and T3.                            FP2       contains F2, F9, GT-3, IP-LD, SB-3
     Try the sticks out on Practice Pads by Aquarian, Gladstone, Realfeel, Remo, Vater, Vic Firth, etc.
                         Call your sales rep for details on these and other practice pads we carry!

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